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Big Picture Charity Films (BPCF) – Safeguarding Policy

BPCF works to ensure that all vulnerable members of our society be it adults, young people or children coming into contact with our employees, workers or subcontractors are protected, treated with respect and kept safe.

At the same time, BPCF works equally to protect its employees, workers or subcontractors from the risk of unfounded allegation.

Our policy has been developed on the following Principles:

  1. That the wellbeing and safety of each member of our society is paramount.
  2. That all persons regardless of disability, gender, racial or ethnic origin, religious belief and sexual orientation have the right to be protected from harm.
  3. That it is everyone’s responsibility to report all suspicious concerns, that all allegations of any type of abuse will be properly investigated and dealt with in a swift and appropriate manner.
  4. That all alleged poor practice incidents, misconduct and abuse will be taken seriously by the trustees of BPCF and responded to swiftly and appropriately.

To enforce our policy BPCF will:

  1. Make sure that all its employees, workers or subcontractors understand their legal and moral obligations to protect all vulnerable people from harm, abuse and exploitation.
  2. Promote an ethos of safeguarding for all.
  3. Make sure all its employees, workers or subcontractors understand the process for raising concerns regarding safeguarding issues.
  4. Make sure all its employees, workers or subcontractors understand the process for reporting allegations.
  5. Ensure that any whistleblowing is addressed in a confidential manner.

Policy review

This policy and its procedures shall be reviewed at least annually to monitor effectiveness, to ensure accordance with any changes in legislation, to update guidance on the protection of children and vulnerable adults and to recognise any relevant changes within BPCF.

Furthermore, it will be reviewed following any concerns or issues that have been raised about BPCF and the protection of children or vulnerable adults.

All BPCF employees, workers or subcontractors will subscribe to the following code of practice.

  1. Treat all vulnerable members of our society equally, with respect and dignity.
  2. Ensure the welfare of vulnerable members is put first.
  3. Stay within the confines of the agreed work areas.
  4. Caution the use of electronic devices to reduce the risk of transfer of information, images or contact details.
  5. Strictly control the use of film and photography, with footage and images being only stored and shared appropriately and as agreed.
  6. BPCF employees, workers or subcontractors will be fully briefed on the procedure for reporting any matters out of the ordinary or of concern.

Whilst working at sensitive premises / locations operating with children or vulnerable persons:

It is a requirement that all BPCF employees, workers or subcontractors will hold current DBS certificates.

Prior to filming or photography taking place in or adjacent to sensitive premises /locations, BPCF employees, workers or subcontractors and the team responsible for the location will familiarise themselves with the operational procedures and requirements in such places and will co-operate with the operators to achieve a robust and transparent procedure to ensure that the BPCF code of practice sits comfortably with requirements.

Reporting Concerns

When operating in a location where children or vulnerable adults are present BPCF employees workers or subcontractors must first be advised of the process to follow and the person to report to should a concern arise.

If there is a concern or allegation concerning any BPCF employee, worker or subcontractor this should first be reported to the BPCF team leader unless this person is the subject of the concern or to do so would compromise action to prevent harm to a child or vulnerable adult.

Serious concerns, or concerns relating to a BPCF employee or team leader, should be reported to one of the BPCF trustees.

Tim Abbott (Chair of Trustees) 07812 341144

Peter Hassard (Trustee) 07813 867165

Where there is concern that a child or vulnerable adult is at immediate risk of harm you should call the police or the Essex Safeguarding Children Board 0345 603 7627

This policy agreed by the trustees of Big Picture Charity Films

Registered charity no. 1148438

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