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Histio UK

The heartbreaking yet inspirational story of dear Isobel, produced for Histio UK to raise awareness of this highly rare disease, one that took the life of this beautiful little girl. Special thanks go to Mike & Suzanne, Isobel’s parents, for their courage and willingness to share their story in an attempt to create awareness.

“I’m sitting here typing this email with tears in my eyes. The video you have produced is fantastic and is just right for us and Izzy! I’ve watched it several times in the last 20 minutes or so taking it all in. I know we spent a lot of time with you and gave you so much information and pictures etc I’m sure you had a hard job choosing what to use but this edited version has been brilliantly cut together with the photos and videos. I know we know Izzy’s story very well and have looked at her photos and videos a million times but I’m sure this is really going to hit home with people and hopefully encourage others to support HistioUK. I cannot thank you and Maria enough for your time, patience and skill putting this video together.”


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